f.irc is a simple (yet spiffy looking) irc script for the ircII-EPIC5 irc
client. it's the culmination of several years of random tweaking for my
personal use, with some updates to make it more useful to others


(background color is rgb 46, 52, 54 - #2e3436)

o features
x theming support
  - uses epic5's 256 color codes
  - broken out into separate files for easy swapping and customization
  - check out this site for a color listing tool
x automatic window creation for commands like /join or /query
x displays titles of youtube videos
x simple commands for multiple servers, window management, etc
x temporary error message support keeps the backscroll clean

o keybindings
x ctrl-n / ctrl-p
  - swap to the next or previous window
x alt-1 - alt-0
  - swap to a specific window number, alt-1 = window 1, alt-0 = 10
x alt-q - alt-p
  - same as above, but swaps to windows 11 through 20
x alt-~
  - swaps to window 6. (i keep queries there usually)
x ctrl-e
  - search the backscroll for the text in the input line
    eg: type your nickname and press ctrl-e to find mentions

o commands
x /ns server/number [window number]
  - connect to an additional server, whether it be a hostname, ip, or an
    index to a server within your IRC_SERVERS_FILE. you can optionally
    include a window number for the new server. (also, try /server by
    itself to list your servers.) 
x /query nick [initial message]
  - creates a new query window for nick with an optional initial message
x /lookup nick/host/ip
  - resolve a host or ip, or lookup a user's ip
x /wn [number]
  - creates a window, or if a number is provided, changes the current
    window's number
x /wsh number
  - splits the current window, and shows window number
x /wh
  - hides the current window (for when you have split windows. unsplits,
    keeping windows other than the current one)
x /wk
  - kills the current window. if you have split windows, they will be
x /wks
  - kills the current window, but swaps in another if available to keep
    your screen split
x /id password
  - identify to nickserv without outputting your password to backsroll

o notes
x i have included an example .ircrc file with a few extras i usually
  run with from the default epic5 scripts. they implement a few
  features that are pretty much essential
x f.irc will check for new versions, and notify you when they're
  available (at script load, otherwise run /newver.) to disable,
  just comment out 'newver' at the bottom of f.irc
x privmsgs do not automatically create new windows. if they did,
  there would be potential for abuse
x the /msg command doesn't automatically create windows either (see
  /query command above.) if you'd like to change this, set f.msgwin
  at the top of f.irc to true
x if you use PuTTY in Windows, this tool might come in handy

o installation / download
x download firc-0.7.zip (updated April 5th, 2015) and extract it
x make a directory in your home directory called ".irc"
x copy f.irc, extra.irc and default.theme into .irc
x copy the example .ircrc file to your home directory
x if necessary, follow some of the steps below

o epic5 basics
x the default nickname and irc name are set via the IRCNICK and
  IRCNAME environment variables. (add to .zshrc, .bashrc, etc.
  otherwise the info from your *nix account will be used, including
  your real name if one was provided)
x the default server is chosen from the file pointed to by the
  IRC_SERVERS_FILE environment variable (i keep mine in ~/.irc/)
  - example ircII.servers file:
x you might want to visit the epic5 wiki for info on getting
  UTF-8 working. the UTF-8 support in epic5 is really quite

(c) 2018 Alexander Grotewohl