dm-507 cb microphone to baofeng (uv5r, etc)
kenwood style speaker mic socket

o wire colors
dm-507          -     kenwood connector
    red         -     blue
    yellow      -     yellow
    ground/bare -     yellow
    white       -     red
    blue        -     nothing
      x opposite of PTT, "normally closed"
    nothing     -     green
      x power? transmit LED?

o basic instructions
borrow a "kenwood style" connector from a cheap baofeng hand mic (these are
garbage, i'm guessing that's why you're here) and cut the tip and ring from
the 2.5mm plug with side cutters, leaving only the sleave - use care! (or
instead of cutting, work a 3.5mm socket in for headphones or an external
amplified speaker, but note the internal speaker will be disabled while your
frankenstein mic is connected)

from what testing i've done locally, this setup (ie: dm-507, haven't tested
others) sounds fantastic. other cb mics will likely work, but you will have to
determine the wire colors for them on your own, or if you're lucky, find them
on the internet. it is fairly easy to do so with a multimeter. for example,
attach an alligator clip from your multimeter to one of the wires, let's say
the red one like the above mic, and connect another alligator clip from the
other lead to each of the other wires one at a time. press the PTT button a
few times to see if the multimeter shows a resistance (or use the continuity
tester if your multimeter has one). test the wires one at a time until you
find the correct ones. the microphone will likely be easier because it is
often wrapped in the braided wire. cb sites often call this "modulation." you
can also tape down the PTT button and test for the mic. when the multimeter is
connected briefly to the two microphone wires, it should make a slight
crackling sound.

hopefully this has been useful. :)


here's mine:

(c) 2015 Alexander Grotewohl